Working Groups

This 4 years Action is organised in 4 distinct and highly interconnected Working Groups (WGs), with specific objectives and activities

WG1: Instrumentation, modelling, data evaluation and software

Objectives: To enable equal access to research infrastructures instrumentation and facilities; To understand the most relevant issues about measurements, software and data analysis affecting the quality of results.

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WG2: Metrology and Standardisation

The main goal of the WG2 “Metrology and Standardization”, is to help in establishing TXRF as a reference/ certified technique for reliable elemental analysis, both for screening and accurate quantitative determination.

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WG3: Sample preparation and analytical procedures

The main goal of the WG3 “Sample preparation and Analytical procedures”, is to contribute to the improvement and development of existing and new sample preparation strategies and analytical procedures to promote TXRF application for screening, quality control and monitoring purposes in many different fields. This aim will be accomplished via the specific objectives and activities shown below.

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WG4: Performance Assessment and Data Analysis

Objectives: To assess the performance of TXRF methods and compare with complementary analytical techniques; Data analysis performance assessment of different instrumental configurations and comparison with other analytical techniques used for elemental analysis, such as AAS and ICP spectroscopy, highlighting advantages, disadvantages and possibilities of use in different application fields; Different data analysis approaches for TXRF.

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